Rozenn Talec and Yannig Noguet are a Breton duet: the voice is Rozenn Talec, a Breton from the centre of Brittany, the accordion is Yannig Noguet, a Breton French-speaking Gallo.   What's great with both is the expressiveness of the voice and the instrument and the combination of the two.  Starting with traditional songs and laments, (learnt from her father), combining these with dance tunes , and with the help of new texts from the pen of Rozenn, (Kreion ha paper - pencil and paper), they  have evolved these into songs for a new age, leaving no one indifferent! The accordion moves from the tradition to Gus Viseur, Murena or Piazzola, the voice carries all this like a bird in the storm.


CECILIA  10 years after… Pentreffest

 This year it is the tenth anniversary of CECILIA & We are proud to present our fourth CD: “PASTOURELLE” at the place where it all started ten years ago. 

 You will hear Thomas Hoste on hurdy-gurdy. He is responsible for the subtle phrases and melodic variations. He also uses his “magic box and pedals” to produce appropriate and surprising special effects for –not only- his electro acoustic gurdy. He is rebellious and a virtuoso and provides Cecilia with salt and pepper.

 Jan Leeflang plays bagpipes and flute, he is the one that comes up with one beautiful melody after another. His creative mind is our great source of inspiration. Finally, his ears makes us dot our i’s and cross our t’s.

 Safely between these two gentleman; Greet Wuyts on her accordion. She colours our drones and harmonizes our music with her swinging accompaniment. She also likes to take over a melody surrounded by the improvisations of her companions.




Josefina Paulson

Josefina Paulson has been playing the Nyckleharpa and music of her native Västmanland from a very young age.  She was awarded the title Riksspelman (National Folk Musican) in 2008.  In 2009 she received the Cultural Award from VLT, and in 2011 received the Bror Hjorth Scholarship for "motivation technically brilliant … a very committed performance on the nyckelharpa with both the preservation of cultural traditions and a gentle personal and creative rejuvenation". 

Josefina has a bachelor of music degree from the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, with the nyckelharpa as her main instrument.  She embraces the many possibilities of her instrument; from the roots of the Uppland tradition, to its large crown of new influences from other cultures.

She is a musician who stands grounded in her own tradition, while exploring new territory.

She has built a strong reputation in the UK as a musician, both solo and in collaboration, and as a very popular teacher of the 'harpa and we are pleased to see her coming back to Wales.


Chris Allen is a local luthier, and together with his wife Sabina Kormylo makes a variety of stringed instruments including Hurdy-Gurdies, Symphonies, Lutes, Mandolins and Viols.  Almost all of their instruments are copied from or based upon existing historical instruments. They make close examination of historic examples and pride themselves on the faithful reporoduction of both external and internal detail and design. They also undertake the design and construction of bespoke instruments.

Chris will be leading hurdy-gurdy instrument workshops - there will be the chance to have a go on a borrowed instrument for those who would like to try out something new.


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Pat has been coming to Pentreffest both as a teacher and making sure the visitors in the hall get their breakfast since the very early days. This year she returns to teach the Swedish Dance workshops once again.  She make the dances easy and accessible, whilst giving you the chance to taste the wonderful richness and variety of dances that there are in Sweden. Pat admits that one of her chief passions and delights is Scandinavian dance and has been dancing polskor and other Swedish dances since about 1997 has visited Sweden as much as possible; spending a week in Darlana each summer, and learning as much as she can from Swedish instructors, in England and Sweden. "I want the world to polska!"

Sonia and Sylvian share a passion for dance and are instructors of different repertoires.

Their specialties include dances from Sweden, Gascony, Limousin, Poitou / Vendée and Switzerland.

They return to us for a second year to lead the French dance tuition